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Solutions targets the uninsured segment of the mortgage market by providing Canadians with alternative mortgage solutions to meet their financial goals. The program relies on a common sense approach to lending practices for clients with unique circumstances.

The program is available to all approved broker originators in the province of Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, as well as select brokers in British Columbia, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.

Approved Appraiser List

Who can use the Approved Appraiser List?

  • The Approved Appraiser List can be used for RFA Bank of Canada non-prime deals.

How do I use the Approved Appraiser List?

  • Submit your application.
  • Refer to your commitment to ensure that your deal is eligible based on the submission details.
  • Select your preferred appraiser from the list below.
  • Contact your appraiser directly to book your appraisal.
  • Ensure your appraiser: 1) Follows the Standard Appraisal Guidelines and 2) Sends completed appraisal report directly to us. Please refer to the Standard Appraisal Guidelines for complete instructions.

Appraisal Management Companies

  • We work with the following appraisal management companies: NAS, Solidifi, Real Property Solutions (RPS) or FNF Canada appraisal.
  • Bronze and non-status brokers must use an appraisal management company.
  • Appraisal management companies can be used for both Prime and Solutions deals.
  • The following Prime transactions and/or property types require an appraisal management company appraisal: Refinance, Private Sale, Foreclosure, Multi-Unit, Rural, Gifted equity.

Select a province to find an approved appraiser.

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For more information, please contact your RVP.