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Have you heard?

RFA Capital Holdings Inc. (RFA) has officially acquired Street Capital Bank of Canada.

As part of the acquisition, we’re excited to announce that Street Capital is joining the RFA brand. Rest assured, there are no changes to your current mortgage. Please continue to contact our customer service team or log in to our online portal for your servicing needs.

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Purchase A Home
Purchase a home

Your dream home is just an application away. Learn more about our flexible mortgage options and find out how much home you can afford.

Refinance Your Mortgage
Refinance my mortgage

Make the most out of your mortgage. Consolidate debt or access additional funds for renovations, travel or education. Find out if refinancing is right for you.

switch to RFA
Switch to RFA

Move your mortgage with confidence. Choose from our flexible mortgage products and let a specialist take care of the heavy lifting. Learn how you can switch today.

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Benefits of our mortgages

Managing my mortgage online

It’s never been easier to manage your mortgage online! Our mortgage portal connects you to your mortgage anytime, anywhere, so you can:

  • Check your mortgage balance
  • Review your payment details
  • Change your payment frequency
  • Increase your payments
  • Make a lump-sum payment
  • Update your personal information

Mortgage prepayment privileges

Looking to save on interest costs? Pay down your mortgage faster with our prepayment privileges:

  • Annual 20% lump sum: Every year you can pay up to 20% of your original mortgage balance on any regular payment date with the payment applied directly to your principal balance.
  • Annual 20% payment increase: Once per year you can increase your regular payment by up to 20%. The increased payment will be applied to your principal balance.

The terms and conditions of your mortgage will specifically detail the privileges provided.

Accelerate my mortgage payments

Looking to save even more? Making more frequent payments can reduce interest costs over the long term. Let us show you how!

Mortgage Resources

Looking to do some research on your own? Check out our resources.